About JOAT



Welcome to My Blog, Jack of All trades. This is my very first “proper” blog. And by that I mean that I tried blogging at age 22, 25, 27, 28, 30, 33 and never really had the focus to accomplish the goal. This might not be the best of the intros, but what I want to say is that its Good to Fail, Better to Accept it and Best to Re-start. I would have written a catchy punch-line to that, say, “Never Give-Up”, but that’s not true. You also should know when to give-up.

Ever since childhood, I always wanted to do everything and I did. Never tried to be a master, but try and experience everything. Just like all of us. Some stay focussed on one thing and become experts, but I chose to do the rest. And that always meant that I was doomed to fail. Failure is not wrong. Failure is also a state of existence, just like Success. The best part is that in both the states of existence, you do not stop. We all want to succeed, we all want to be happy, we all want the feeling of wanting. There’s nothing wrong in it. The real mistake is in lying to ourselves, that we are something that we are not.

With Jack Of All Trades, I want to share knowledge from every aspect under the Sun. There are lot of Jacks amongst us, who are never happy with one thing. We are never satisfied, we do not like comfort zone. We all have FOMO. We feel like there is so much knowledge to consume, there are so many things happening in the universe and we want to be part of all of it.

There are singers, dancers, actors, engineers, doctors, lawyers et al. But if you can sing and dance and act and write a thesis on complex math and take care of children and be a great teacher and an amazing athlete and a great parent and solve puzzles and be a great leader and know about financial instruments and about technology and play games and be able to do all of that by packing 100 people into you ??? Well Hello Jack! Nice to Meet you, I’m Jack too.

Who Are We?

We are Jack of All Trades, we’re the underplays, we’re the back-benchers, we look at the world differently, we are either silently watching it or making hell lot of noise. We know things, we see things differently, we cannot be called one name. We do everything, push every part of our bodies to explore new aspects about life. In short, make use of our lives completely, to the fullest extent, and see where we land at the end.

Why Jack of all Trades?

In this blog I will write about almost everything that is intuitive, tangy, work-arounds, paths, different dimensions about any topic that has got sauce in it. With that I welcome you to Jack Of All Trades. I’m sure that this blog adds value to you. I will commit mistakes and also correct myself.

A little about myself in real world

I’m a Failed Entrepreneur and now a Senior Product Owner at a Cloud Company in Hyderabad, India. I’m a single child and married to a wonderful lady. She’s an Entrepreneur too and works for her Event Management Firm, a fairly large one. We both are hustlers and enjoy every struggle, every sweat we break, every pain, every boon, every ounce of greatness that we can squeeze out of our lives. We Work Hard & Party Really Harder.

With all this packed into me, I would like to start giving it back to the community of Jack Of All Trades and make our lives a bit better with useful and sensible knowledge.

We’re all in this together. Let’s bring greatness, excellence and Life to the table. I’m there with you all to the end.

Oh and we’re gonna shorten it and call Jack of All Trades as JOAT. So, Hey JOAT, let’s do this !!!